Confident but not enough

by IK

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Il mio primo demo. Dopo aver sperimentato con la musica sin da piccolo ho provato a cimentarmi in qualcosa di più definitivo. Ho spesso lasciato il materiale a marcire in un angolino del mio hard disk, e mi è dispiaciuto molto, indi per cui stavolta ho deciso di dare una svolta e raggruppare qualche mio lavoro accomunato da diversi tratti sotto una ed una sola copertina. Spero sia di vostro gradimento.


My first demo. After years of sound experiment I tried to do something concrete. In my past, I often forgot about my tracks somewhere in my pc; so this time I decided to join everything I have done lately under the same cover. I hope you like my work.


released April 9, 2014



all rights reserved


IK Naples, Italy

musicista scarso

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Track Name: Atelophobia
I'd like to drown
into your arms
take me anywhere
I don't mind

I would love to
see the last of
me and you
I would love to-
Track Name: My lies and your cheeks
The drama for people
that just want to wiggle
I don't hear a word
that they're saying

Our cheeks they're burning
for love or for fever
I am still deaf to all
that thay're saying

(the sand and the sea
you tell me don't leave)

Still drain

running for
reaching her ears

and tell her the love
that we made and
you have to believe me
I'll always be honest to you

(the sand and the sea
you tell me don't leave)

stay by my side,
I won't tell a lie
no lies
Track Name: From human to human
find me in the clouds
just down under your solitude
you keep infesting
my thoughts
and what if someday I'll just turn around
and shout?

oh sunday lasts too long
one day, i'll follow the right path
just leaving the wrong way behind
and until then
never cease eye-contact

tell me
tell me one of your stories
and let me hear the sound of
your smiling eyes
and show me the world
as you like to see it
Track Name: WorldWideWeb
I got into my brain, deep
delaying the sound of my thoughts
blurrin into one
what a beautiful day to lose myself
I'm trapped into my veins
How do I get out?
help me to concentrate
instead you burn and I
unspoken words
unspoken truth
(How did I get here?)
Nothing - what it seems
I was searching searching
tryin to get into my shoes
(ashamed ashamed ashamed)

insects crawling under my skin