by IK

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almost a year later, nothing has changed. i just needed more music in my life.


released June 28, 2017

thanks to my best friends (you know who you are) and everyone who had the huge patience to listen to my shit and give me feedbacks during these months. you are a part of this. this is for you.

synth in an uphill struggle by cris
portuguese lyrics in bossa nova will save the world by liv
everything else written, played and recorded by me
cover by sara



all rights reserved


IK Naples, Italy

musicista scarso

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Track Name: Bites
i didn't take a full bite of you
cause i was scared that my life would change

my only focus was to scrape along
so I vowed to never do you wrong

do you think we're gonna burn fast
or do you think we're gonna last?

so look at us, such a mess
lying naked in my bed

what does it matter?
how do you feel?
i'll take you
in a place i've never been

do you think we're gonna burn fast
or do you think we're gonna last?

(i'm going to leave the world behind
and follow you, wherever it leads)
Track Name: Emonade
a midwest kid
once asked me:
should I be afraid of change?
i told him
hang loose,
we all change from time to time

but i couldn't tell him
what really freaks me out
it's when you stop believing
and keep telling the same story around

suddenly i woke up
in this place
my head still ached,
you healed my pain,
we found ourselves in this wreckage.
the ghost of those who lived before
haunted all our memories
but in this cursed luck we met,
so we can build it all

we can build
this place

we can fix
these cracks

sticking side by side
will help us grow,
we're gonna change the rules we know,
the things that bothered us now seem so far;
carrying all the burden built by life
the things that made us grief and cry
it's easier if we split it between us.

i met the midwest kid once again,
only he's not a kid anymore.
he's a grown man
with a beautiful girlfriend.

he said: "i don't do gigs anymore"
but then he came close to me
looked straight into my eyes
and smiled, then whispered:

i am so different but
i still believe,
like you taught me to do,
you were right all along.
i still carry all of these feelings
i am still made by every person
i've met.
Track Name: Bossa Nova will save the world, Lorenzo says
se alguem te roubaria o coração, ah nao nao
se alguem te tirasse de mim, ah nao nao

i won't play my guitar for you
won't play my bossa nova tunes
all these songs i wrote for you
keep whistling them in my mouth
in my mouth
Track Name: Shannon & Weaver
i talk to you
and you won't hear a sound
the words all came out
like a gentle fuzz

cause between us
there is so much noise
i can hold you close but still
the speech is dark
our hearts won't chat
and i wonder what you meant
by saying goodbye
when you said goodbye

i tried to bring it out
but i still sound
like this gentle fuzz

cause between us
there is so much noise
i whisper into your ear
but the buzz just spoils
any chance of a clear reply
to the question
"what do you mean when you say
Track Name: My soul has no rest
i am split in half
engulfed the sun into
my orange dress
i'm going to marry
the witch of distress

i can try
but still i won't succeed

you'll fail with me
driving your dad's car
into the sea
i wonder if fishes
will swim with us

or run away
where pain doesn't drive you insane

my soul has no rest
i am eating myself
and anyone else
if close enough

i am eating myself
my soul has no rest
i am eating myself
my soul has no rest
Track Name: An uphill struggle
deceit, disguise
blessed by my messed up mind
wait here for I
really haven't got a clue
which path to choose
all my hopes fall through
the cracks into
the fabric of time

we fuck, we talk, it's still uphill
your smile's a thrill, your sleeping pills
it makes me sad to be not clear
it makes me sad i cannot feel
you're upside down, your shaded heart
it's just a picture torn apart
the shadows here, they look unreal
and what i need is time to heal
i grab my coat and go outside
take a breath and realize
this overpass is so sky-high
i might as well just jump and die,

i might as well
go back in time